Grow with Innovation

PT Wahana Inti Makmur,Tbk is a well known rice producer & supplier based in Tangerang with a factory located in West Java. Since 2015, we have adopted the plasma farming system. Fast forward to today, PT Wahana Inti Makmur,Tbk has established a network of major rice retailers and rice distributors throughout Indonesia.

In collaboration with experienced farmers and supported by sustainable technological modernization, we aim to offer a portfolio of products that evolve with consumer demands.

We strive to create product that are right for consumers

This guides the choices we make today and shapes our portfolio for tomorrow whether through product evolution and innovation


To become one of  the most well-known rice poducer and supplier, while still able to meet national and international demands


  • To develop multiple agricultural systems based on modern, innovative and efficient technology
  • To collaborate with local farmers and modern post-harvest businesses in order to produce high-quality products that are aligned with customers’ needs.

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